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Your organization is fully engaged in delivering the best of what you provide your stakeholders. The ability to make sense of the data surrounding your operation, perhaps even the skills necessary to improve the way you track and maintain performance, requires a different set of tools and talent. Excel Edge offers insights-as-a-service by showing your workforce how to unlock the untapped potential of your data and avoid costly analytical obstacles.

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Spreadsheets are everywhere

By now, most organizations have accepted the reality of using Excel spreadsheets for running day-to-day operations, communicating data and insights with colleagues, and conducting ad-hoc analysis. The typical employee hard drive houses hundreds or thousands of spreadsheets built over time to meet the needs of the organization. What’s more, every spreadsheet has its own underlying nuances, assumptions, cut corners, shorthand, and hard coding that makes the merging of multiple sheets into a single analytics picture a nightmare.

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Spreadsheet skills are rare

The rare employee who possesses a deep knowledge on Excel formulas, functions, formatting, lookups, charts, pivot tables, conditional formatting, macros, and VBA coding is under increasing pressure from colleagues to carry the analytical load, significantly weakening the analytical capabilities of the organization. Some organizations are so dependent on its few or one gifted Excel expert that the inevitable departure of that employee represents a colossal risk to the organization. Those unhappy departments who have no such person lose hundreds of hours of productivity per year to employees searching Excel forums and YouTube videos for elusive answers to specific questions.

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Excel Edge

We provide the necessary expertise to help organizations get more out of their data by unleashing the untapped power of Microsoft Excel. Our deep expertise in Excel—combined with team member backgrounds consulting the world’s leading companies as well as years of experience in government/defense analytics—uniquely qualifies us to supplement the talent gap in your organization so you can stop wasting time and money to subpar analytics efforts. That means everything from helping a frontline employee work thorough a SUM formula to building a complex analytics model for predicting threats to deployed combat units.

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“Our data was a mess, spread across multiple files with no common format. With minimal guidance from us, Excel Edge cleaned all our data, displayed key insights in beautiful charts, and recommended an analytics path forward for our department.”

Dayana D.
Programming Director / Univision

“I took a new job as a Project Manager and needed an Excel project tracker that would help me plan over 100 workshops in less than 6 months. Excel Edge delivered exactly what I needed in under 2 days!”

Jim P.
Marketing Director / Hersheys

“I banged my head against a wall for days trying to get one specific feature of our Excel pricing calculator working. Excel Edge built a custom macro same-day and now we just press a button and the file does exactly what we need.”

Shanna G.
CEO / Ampersand Marketing Solutions

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