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Data challenges don’t solve themselves.

See the many ways to partner with Excel Edge and get more out of your data.

Excel Edge’s wide array of options gives professionals and organizations the power to right-size a level of support tailored to their unique operational requirements.

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Real time solutions
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Deepen your analytics talent pool


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Real time solutions in Excel.

“Why can’t I get this formula working?” “How do I format the text in such-and-such a way?” “What’s an easier way to clean my data and display it effectively?” One of the primary ways we assist organizations is solving quick issues so that they can get back to what they do best.

We provide quick fixes through live chat sessions, screen sharing sessions, email inquiries, and live phone conversation at 877.851.0132, all because busy professionals and organizations don’t have time to crawl through forums and YouTube videos to find answers to their Excel questions.

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Deepen your analytics talent pool.

Do you find that most Excel training misses the unique requirements of your people to do the analytics / spreadsheet work that your organization needs? Excel Edge prides itself on getting to know your organization’s data before planning the training modules so that our time is spent learning the real skills your people will need to support your mission.

Once we’ve tailored the Excel training to your organization, we can deliver it by whatever combination of channels you prefer (e.g., on-site, webinar, e-learning module, on the job, field-and-forum, etc.).

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Let the experts do it for you.

You can free up significant amounts of your time and your team’s time by relying on our expert resources to complete Excel projects for you. While spending more time on what you do best, Excel Edge is hard at work creating a distinctive deliverable with satisfaction guaranteed or 100% of your money back.

What kind of projects do we do best? We can do anything that can be done in Excel. We love merging spreadsheets, cleaning data, building models from scratch, simplifying layouts, distilling the 5-7 key analytical insights from a dataset, turning data into engaging charts, building print-ready reports, writing VBA macros, and much more.

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Bring an analytics ringer onboard.

Let us put our network of Excel experts to work for you. Rather than do the typical job search through the usual jobs boards and contract with an unknown quantity, you can rest assured that an Excel Edge contractor will hit the ground running with best-in-world Excel knowledge and a can-do attitude ready to dive in and generate distinctive near-term impact.

Excel Edge can be the last sourcing partner you’ll ever need for all your analytics talent. Whether you’re looking to bring on an advanced Excel expert for two weeks or two years, our selective process ensures that you’ll have access to the best in the industry.

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Our Commitment to Every Client


We don’t believe in charging additional fees for revisions or even limiting the number of revisions on any given project. Once we’ve agreed to do the work, we are committed to taking as much time and effort as is needed to get it right.


If you’re not completely satisfied with the work for any reason at all, it’s our commitment to return 100% of your money. It’s that simple. That’s how much we believe in our work and its potential to help organizations like yours do more with data.


We reject any notion of a false choice between quality and speed. Great organizations find a way to deliver distinctive outcomes faster than the rest, and we consider ourselves one of them. Nearly all projects we do, even the largest, are completed in 72 hours or less.