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We are Excel Edge.

Planet Earth’s best hope for conquering Microsoft Excel, at your service.

We hear a lot about BIG DATA these days. Pundits and prognosticators keep telling us that the future of analytics rests securely in the hands of the fastest, smartest machines on the planet and the organizations/governments that own them. We’re on the path, so they say, toward an increasingly centralized approach to yielding insight from the data all around us.

At Excel Edge, we take an altogether different view. Similar to how the computing revolution took a decisive turn toward personal computing in the late-80s, we believe that the proliferation of Microsoft Excel and similar applications are making analytics increasingly decentralized. Every person—even every spreadsheet—is a world unto itself, calling for the unique skills and expertise necessary to derive micro-insight from many different presentations of data.

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Insight is Our Mission

Excel Edge exists to solve. Each team member feels our passion, embraces the vision and lives the company values. The aggregate wisdom represented by our diverse backgrounds is our greatest strength. We deliver our best every day, giving every client the same enthusiasm in solving their Excel and analytics projects as we would give our closest friends and family members. There are no shortcuts. The standard is distinctive, world-class service. Our goal with every client is to become their long-term trusted advisor for their analytics needs.

Why choose Excel Edge?

Focus on your strengths. We’ll handle the Excel work, so that you can focus on what do what you do best.

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Derik Timmerman

Co-Founder and CEO

Derik first grew acquainted with the power of spreadsheets while deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003-04 and again in 2005-06. As a Military Intelligence Officer with both the 4th Infantry and 101st Airborne Divisions, he used Excel in conducting complex pattern analysis of insurgent movements, forecasting attacks on Coalition forces, and understanding the interconnectedness of tribal allegiances.

After his time of service, he further honed his Excel and leadership skills as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company, serving numerous Fortune 500 clients over 6 years. Far beyond mere Excel knowledge, Derik was responsible for driving impact in the world’s preeminent organizations by leading teams of consultants to identify, structure, and solve complex business problems. He also led a firm-wide People Strategy, a multi-year transformation of McKinsey’s people model, gaining first-hand knowledge of the keys to building successful, high-performing teams that deliver distinctive impact.

Matt Timmerman

Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

Over the same years that Derik had been making his way in the armed services and strategic management consulting, his brother Matt had been building an extensive base of Excel knowledge as an entrepreneur in the financial services industry. In less than five years from launch as a startup, his company grew to become one of the Top 3 senior market insurance wholesaling companies in the country with a network of more than 10,000 independent insurance agents across all fifty states. Matt continues to be considered one of the nation’s foremost thought leaders in insurance distribution and marketing.

After years of learning Excel in the crucible of real world experience—and seeing the frontline need for helping others with that knowledge—Derik and Matt joined forces and recruited some of the world’s best Excel technicians to form the Excel Edge support team. Each team member is committed to helping professionals and organizations get the most out of their data and delivering distinctive insight through Microsoft Excel.